Marrakesh Terra Cotta Lunch Plate

Marrakesh Terra Cotta Lunch Plate

Marrakesh Terra Cotta Lunch Plate

These lunch plates are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining experience.

Crafted with a porcelain-inspired geometric pattern, these plates showcase a harmonious fusion of intricate shapes and rich colors. Choose from the warm and earthy tones of Terra Cotta, the deep richness of Navy, or the refreshing hue of Sky Blue. Each plate features a stunning gold foil scalloped edge, adding a luxurious touch to your table setting.

With a generous diameter of 9 inches, these lunch plates provide ample space for your delicious meals. Whether you're serving sandwiches, salads, or light entrees, these plates can accommodate them all. Each pack contains 8 plates, ensuring you have plenty for family gatherings, parties, or special events.

Crafted from high-quality paper, these lunch plates offer both durability and convenience. They are sturdy enough to hold your food securely, and their disposable nature makes cleanup a breeze. The vibrant colors and eye-catching design make these plates a standout addition to any occasion.

Infuse your dining experience with the allure of Marrakesh and the timeless elegance of porcelain. Our Marrakesh Terra Cotta Paper Lunch Plates are designed to impress, whether you're hosting a casual gathering or an elaborate event. Elevate your table setting with these stylish and sophisticated plates, and let the vibrant colors and intricate patterns transport you to exotic destinations.

Bring the beauty of Marrakesh to your table with our Marrakesh Terra Cotta Paper Lunch Plates. Embrace the captivating geometric patterns, rich colors, and gold foil accents that make these plates truly remarkable. Elevate your dining experience and create unforgettable moments with our Marrakesh Terra Cotta Paper Lunch Plates.

Thes plates cannot be microwaved.

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